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 Thalassemia Campaign and Blood Donation @ UMS

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Number of posts : 2
Registration date : 2012-11-22

PostSubject: Thalassemia Campaign and Blood Donation @ UMS   Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:23 pm

Hi everyone. Smile I am a student from UMS. We will have a Thalassemia Campaign and Blood Donation at UMS library foyer next Wednesday. Non UMS students are also welcome to our event.

Date: 28th November 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 8.30am - 4.30 pm
Venue: UMS Library Foyer

Thalassaemia is an inherited blood disease transmitted by a gene. Thalassaemia major is a severe form of anemia. Those Thalassaemia major require regular blood tranfusion, about once a month, throughout their lives. In Sabah, they seldom live beyond their teens. A simple blood test can determine whether you have Thalassaemia trait. Thalassaemia cases in Sabah are much higher than other states in Malaysia.

Blood transfusion is the main stay of care for individuals with thalassemia major and many with inter
media. The purpose of transfusion is twofold: to improve the anemia and to suppress the ineffective erythropoiesis. Every three seconds, someone needs a blood transfusion. Donating blood is the most precious gift of life that you can ever give to someone.

We hope to get more support from you guys, both from UMS and not from UMS, for this meaningful campaign. Feel free to drop by for further understanding of Thalassaemia and blood donation. Complimentary foods and drinks would be provided for every donor.

"New Blood For The World, Equal Chance To Life" ♥

Any inquiry, please contact 017-2532628 or 012-9177041.

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Number of posts : 2
Registration date : 2012-11-22

PostSubject: Re: Thalassemia Campaign and Blood Donation @ UMS   Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:08 pm

Please come and support our event! Thank you! Smile

Who can donate blood?

-Be at least 17 years old.
-Weigh at least 45 kg.
-Be in good health.

You may not able to donate blood if:

-You donated blood in the past 56 days.
-You don't have enough iron in your blood.
-You are pregnant.
-You have traveled to certain countries.
-Your blood pressure is too high.
-You take certain medicines.
-You have certain health problems.
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Thalassemia Campaign and Blood Donation @ UMS
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